Obtaining a patent

Patents generally protect the way an invention works (functions). Most of our clients initially make an application for a UK patent, and if they require overseas applications these are filed within 12 months of the initial UK filing.

Most types of invention are, in principle, patentable providing they are not known (novel) and that they are unobvious. To be novel the claimed invention must not have been freely disclosed anywhere in any language prior to the filing date.

Before making any patent application it is most desirable that the applicant has at least some knowledge of earlier relevant publications (prior art). This provides valuable guidance on the probability of any application being granted and also greatly assists the process of drafting a patent specification. We can undertake a preliminary patent search to meet this need.

A patent specification requires a description of the invention and claims that legally define protection sought; normally reference is made to one or more drawings that illustrate the invention. In general it takes 2-4 years to obtain a granted patent; however the process can often be accelerated if so required.